LED Specifications

We carry a large selection of super bright Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LED modules are available in several design models in a full rainbow of colors including Blue, White, UV, Purple, Red, Green & Yellow in very high-intensity output levels.

LED Model Description

Super bright 5mm LEDs are extremely bright with a wide beam angle so they're good for use in your projects, illuminations, head lamps, spotlights, car lighting, models or anywhere where you need low power, high intensity reliable lighting or indication. They go easily into a breadboard and will add that extra zing to your project.

The 5mm T1 3/4 LED is the most common size of LED available.

The 8mm LED is a specially designed LED module with a 140 degree viewing angle. In addition, the 8mm LED has a forward current of 150ma (for a power dissipation of 0.5 watts). Very useful in high intensity applications where a lower power 5mm or 10mm LED will not be sufficient.

The 10mm LED is very similar to the 5mm model in power requirements yet due to the huge built-on lens, generates a much higher intensity (brighter) light beam, which has light up an entire area with a single LED.

5mm Piranha LEDs are some of the brightest LEDs for their size, and are also known as Superflux LEDs which have a large lens to produces a wide angle beam, are great for custom installations which an extremely bright and wide angle light is needed. Great for custom installation in which a wide angled light is needed. Using the 5mm Piranha LED will give you very good results, and offers a unique lighting approach to any of your projects.

High power STAR LEDs are a great choice for illuminating larger spaces. Available in 1 watt, 3 watt and 5 watt models make the possibilities for this LED endless. A popular choice in cabinet down lighting and other accent lighting. High power STAR LEDs offer an extremely high light output in an energy efficient way. The LED comes mounted on to special PCB Star that acts to draw heat away from the LED, therefore extending its operational life.

LEDs are versatile semiconductor with a number of attributes which make them perfect for most applications. Their features include:

  • Long Life: LEDs can last over 100,000 hours (10+ years) if used at rated current
  • No annoying flicker like from fluorescent lamps
  • LEDs are impervious to heat, cold, shock and vibration
  • No breakable glass is used
  • Solid-State, high shock and vibration resistant
  • Extremely fast turn On/Off times
  • Low power consumption puts less load on the electrical systems increasing battery life

White LEDs are perfect for replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs in night lights, flashlights, path lights, task lights and exit signs. Their versatility makes them a natural for use in alternate energy (solar) applications, automotive, aeronautic and water-based vehicles.

When comparing the specifications of LEDs, you will notice that we carry multiple models in the same color - the reason for this is that some have a wider viewing angle. When you have a wide viewing angle, the overall brightness (Luminous Intensity) goes down slightly but some models are now super bright and also offer a wide viewing angle.

LEDs are a focused light source, DO NOT look directly into the beam from a close distance.

LEDs are a semiconductor device and sensitive to static charges. Manufacturers recommend caution when handling devices.