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The Year of the Kit

LED Heart 2016 is going to be our “Year of the Kit”. We have many big plans for the year including the introduction of several new products, all available in kit form. These kits will almost always incorporate LEDs and will be buildable by everyone. The kits will include all parts needed to complete the product and it is expected they will all be buildable in one evening.

Our first kit for the year has arrived just in time for Valentine’s day, and is our LED Heart display complete with 32 multi-color LEDs all powered by a USB port on your computer. 

The effects offered in the LED Heart are so impressive, we created a YouTube Video to show the effects in action!

Watch for more great kits in the coming weeks, and all kits are always available from our Kit sub-category.

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Product Announcements and Updates



PN2222A NPN Transistor

NPN Transistor

 Package of 10 Pieces


Temperature Control Thermostat Switch

Thermostat Switch
60C Trip Point

 60C - 140F


560 Piece - 56 Values - 1/4watt 1% Resistor Assortment

Resistor Assortment
56 Values

 560 Pieces In Total


9v Battery Holder with Switch

9v Battery

 Covered with Switch


4 AA Battery Holder with Switch

4 AA
Battery Holder

 Covered with Switch


Flexible Ribbon LED Light Strip 5M

Flexible Ribbon
LED Light Strip

 5m - 16.4 feet

$20.00 $12.00

Flexible Ribbon LED Light Strip 1M

LED Light Strip
Flex Ribbon

 1m - 39.4" Length

$5.99 $4.00

Male 4-Pin Connector Cable for LED Strips

Male 4-Pin Connector
for RGB LED Strips

 for RGB LED Strips



IR 24-LED Illuminator


 850nm or 940nm

$9.95 $3.50

1/4watt Resistors


 Package of 10 Pieces


5mm Ultra Bright Multi-Color

5mm Ultra Bright LED

 Package of 10 Pieces

$5.00 $3.00

Nylon Allen Head Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw

Nylon Allen Head
Socket Cap Screw

 Package of 10 Pieces