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The Year of the Kit

LED Heart 2016 is going to be our “Year of the Kit”. We have many big plans for the year including the introduction of several new products, all available in kit form. These kits will almost always incorporate LEDs and will be buildable by everyone. The kits will include all parts needed to complete the product and it is expected they will all be buildable in one evening.

Our first kit for the year has arrived just in time for Valentine’s day, and is our LED Heart display complete with 32 multi-color LEDs all powered by a USB port on your computer. 

The effects offered in the LED Heart are so impressive, we created a YouTube Video to show the effects in action!

Watch for more great kits in the coming weeks, and all kits are always available from our Kit sub-category.

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Product Announcements and Updates

2016-01-10: 32 LED Love Heart: All components necessary to build an attractive 32-LED display
2015-11-17: 560 Piece – 56 Value Resistor Assortment: Assortment of common 1/4W resistors for your workbench. 
2015-10-25: LED Rainbow: New stock – available in a kit or fully assembled
2015-10-25: Digital Temperature Meter: Digital panel meter displays temperatures from -10c to 110c
2015-10-25: Laser Engravable Keychains: Various size/styles of laser engravable keychains
2015-10-25: Light Sensitive Resistor: Resistor which adjusts its value depending on ambient light
2015-10-25: LCD Interface for IIC/I2C (Arduino compatible): Drives a standard LCD display
2015-09-21: RGB 5050 SMT/SMT LED: Individual pieces of the surface mount, high-brightness 5050 LED
2015-09-12: WS-2801 Modules - New arrival on Friday. 600 WS2801 modules at special one-time purchase pricing
2015-09-06: Auto Color Changing LEDs - Fast and slow changing 5mm LED. Cycle through seven pastel colors
2015-09-06: Candle Flickering LED - Random brightness LEDs looks like a candle flicker


Analog Ammeter (0-30mA DC)
Laser Engraver Exhaust Fan

Laser Engraver

 For 4" Exhaust


2 Mil Reclosable ZipLock Bags - 6x8

Zip-Lock Bag
2mil Resealable

 6 inch x 8 inch


2 Mil Reclosable ZipLock Bags - 2x2

Zip-Lock Bag
2mil Resealable

 2 inch x 2 inch



IR 24-LED Illuminator


 850nm or 940nm

$9.95 $3.50

CR2032 Button Cell Holder with On/Off Switch

CR2032 Battery

 with On/Off Switch


5mm Ultra Bright Multi-Color

5mm Ultra Bright LED

 Package of 10 Pieces

$5.00 $3.00

IR (Infra Red) 60-LED IR Panel

IR (Infra Red) Panel

 Assembled and Tested

$24.95 $15.95