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As we move into the autumn season, we are receiving many new supplies. We spent the last few months attending many shows and thank each and every one for visiting and bringing along with you suggestions for new products.

This past week new items have begun to arrive. Everything from auto-color changing LEDs to color flickering LEDs used to imitate candles. We have many more new products coming forward in the coming weeks as well.

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Product Announcements and Updates

2015-09-22: 8mm LED Ribbon Power Connector: New solderless power connector sets for 8mm/3528 LED Ribbon
2015-09-21: RGB 5050 SMT/SMT LED: Individual pieces of the surface mount, high-brightness 5050 LED
2015-09-19: Arduino and Raspberry Pi Prototyping Platforms - New and updated prototyping solutions area available
2015-09-12: WS-2801 Modules - New arrival on Friday. 600 WS2801 modules at special one-time purchase pricing
2015-09-12: DB-9 Female Serial Connectors - Special purchase of DB-9 female connectors
2015-09-06: Auto Color Changing LEDs - Fast and slow changing 5mm LED. Cycle through seven pastel colors
2015-09-06: Candle Flickering LED - Random brightness LEDs looks like a candle flicker
2015-09-05: LED Cluster Modules - 1" and 2" LED Clusters - Special Pricing
2015-07-12: Laser Modules - Laser modules to display, Dot, Line or Cross patterns
2015-07-05: NE555 Signal Generator - We finally have the NE555 Timer/Signal Generator back in stock
2015-07-01: Digital Panel Meters - Digital volt meters, current meters and combination voltage/current meters



GL5528 Light Sensitive Resistor (LDR)
IIC/I2C Interface Module to LCDs

LCD Driver Module
IIC I2C Interface

 Arduino Compatible


8mm 3528/5050 LED Ribbon Power Connector

LED Strip Connector
8mm/3528 Ribbons

 Package of 2 Pieces


8mm LED Strip Connector with DC Jack

LED Strip Connector
with Female DC Jack

 For 3528 LED Ribbons



LED SpotLight jr: 18-LED Display PC Board
10uf / 50v Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
CR2032 Button Cell Holder with On/Off Switch

CR2032 Battery

 with On/Off Switch


IR (Infra Red) 60-LED IR Panel

IR (Infra Red) Panel

 Assembled and Tested

$24.95 $15.95