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Dayton Hamvention 2015
Booth Listings
Dayton Hamvention 2015 was held this past May 15 to 17. Our Commercial and Flea Market booth listings remain active for your reference.
2015 Hamfest and Show
Aug 1 & 2:Maker Festival Toronto. Look for at the Toronto Maker Festival were we will have many new and exciting items.

Oct. 3:Hamilton Hamfest. Held at the Markham Fairgrounds and is one of the last local shows of the year.

Oct. 17:Longueuil Hamfest. Held at Place Desaulniers in Longueuil, Quebec. A show that is a bit of a trip for us but is a very good show.

Oct. 31:York Region Hamfest. Held at the Ancaster Fairgrouns in the School Fair Building.

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We have accumulated numerous items, and now we must clear out our unused technology. Visit on a regular basis as new items will be added almost daily.
~ Updated June 28 ~

MAKER Festival - Toronto - August 1st and 2nd is proud to announce that we will be taking part in the Toronto Maker Festival hosted at the Toronto Reference Library August 1 and 2. Our display will be located on the 2nd Floor Salon at booth 224..

What is a Maker Festival? Brought to you by the team from Toronto Mini Maker Faire, Maker Festival is a celebration and cultivation of Toronto’s unique spirit of making.

The Festival begins with a week-long program of events hosted by local makerspaces, creative studios, cultural organizations and educational institutions across the city. These will includes workshops, tours, jams, skill-shares, tinker-sessions and more!

The event is expected to draw this city’s technologists, educators, entrepreneurs, urbanists, artists, while engineers unveil their latest creations, and inspire curious onlookers.

The Festival culminates in a humungous two-day maker extravaganza at the Toronto Reference Library, where all of Toronto's makers gather together to show off their latest creations to the rest of the city. will be well represented at the event with some of our most popular gadgets and accessories for sale.

Dayton Hamvention - Booth Listings

The 2015 Dayton Hamvention has wrapped up for another year. Held May 15 to 17, Hamvention proved again why it is known as one of the best Hamfests in North America with the largest indoor and outdoor vendor participation. Our booth listings have been preserved for your reference.

Using 1watt STAR UV LEDs To Photo Expose a PCB

Photo exposing a PCB is a quick way to produce low-quantity designs and can be done by the experimenter at home relatively inexpensively. We recently had a client who wished to do exactly this, but wanted the ability to rapidly expose and process numerous one-off designs but they required a UV light source to expose presensitized boards.

There are lots of solutions available to expose the photo-resist of a PCB, but few, if any, can fully expose your board in 30 seconds or less.

After the exposure apparatus was assembled and the first test board was made, it was determined that an exposure time of between 15 to 20 seconds is all that was required to properly expose the board. There have been several other projects out there where 5mm UV LEDs were used, but those resulted in exposure times which varied from several minutes to tens of minutes depending on the quality of the LEDs use. Needless to say, at 15 to 20 seconds, this solution has that rapid prototype ability.

Read on for details on the build of a UV Light Source capable of exposing photo-resist or for the UV curing of different paints and finishes.


HL1606 - Digitally Addressable LED Ribbons - Article

HL1606 Digitally Addressable LED RibbonHL1606 Digitally Addressable LED RibbonThere is a very interesting and intriguing article posted today on using our HL1606 Digitally Addressable LED Ribbon. They are using eight lengths in a 2D array to produce an 8x8 LED canvas where they expect to use it as a platform in the development of games (snake, pong, etc.) or as a digital display board. Well worth the read and is a great example of the power in these ribbons. If you are looking to purchase the LED Ribbon, we still have them available from our online store.

RGB LED Garden Lights Project

 During the summer of 2010, Manfred Pade set out to add some color to his outdoor garden display using the LED Rainbow and standard garden lighting holders. What he accomplished is truly amazing. Manfred has created his YouTube video of his presentation and has followed up with a full step-by-step guide on creating your own garden display.

A great deal of effort has been put into the creation of a tutorial which describes everything choosing the most appropriate garden lights, laying out the lamps around the garden, assembly of the controller and light, wiring, waterproofing, modifying existing lamps. He has taken it all into consideration.

We have setup a dedicated support page for Manfred's project where you can view more details on his accomplishments along with code that he used to further enhance his display.

LED Rainbow Side View

LED Rainbow

The latest release features a completed redesigned board which now includes rising clamp terminal blocks to speed connections to the outputs and power, along with a power indicator LED. The LED Rainbow has continued to be our most popular product and continues to grow in popularity. The controller utilizes PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control three outputs or RGB LEDs. The effects generated from the unit are nothing short of stunning. We now have a short video production of the LED Rainbow in operation. The unit was concealed into a standard home lighting fixture and a frosted-globe lens placed on top, which produces a spectacular display.

LED Rainbow Has A YouTube Video and Instructable

Instructable Logo of LED Rainbow Instruction GuideWe are pleased to announce our first Instructable, on the assembly of the LED Rainbow system. This is a step-by-step guide on the assembly of this unit. Be sure to stop by the Instructable site today and have a look at the construction guide.

We have seen the LED Rainbow used in a number of different applications, including Halloween and Christmas decorations, used as a lighting controller in home theatres, even used on limousines to control the outer and inside lighting. If you have use the unit in a unique application, we want to hear from you.

Have Your Voice Heard!

One of our new features for September has been the introduction of our "Your Feedback" section. This allows visitors and clients to share their stories and feedback of your experiences with our site and products so others can benefit from your experiences. Be sure to visit today to provide "Your Feedback".

LED Modules

LED Modules Our new shipment of LED Modules has arrived and all outstanding backorders have now been filled and we are again taking new orders. These LED Modules are the very latest in high-efficient LED lighting solutions running on 9v to 15v DC making them ideal for usage in motor cycles, automobiles, watercraft, motor homes, aircraft, trailers – anywhere you have low voltage power available. The modules draw very little current, run extremely cool, and are immune to vibrations. Available in three and four LED models, are fully weather, water and dust resistant and extremely bright. Modules are constructed with superior quality, ultra bright, high intensity piranha LEDs in White, Red, Blue, Green and Amber. Priced very competitively, and conveniently packaged make mounting the modules a simple task allowing them to be placed almost anywhere. Take a look at our support page for more information or the detailed specifications page. Online ordering is also available for these products.

LED Blinky

LED Blinky

Our latest project is here. You said you wanted a simple project to get started in electronics that was easy to assemble and versatile and we listened. We have now released our LED Blinky. Measuring in at only 1.2" (31mm) square, this board run on 8v to 15v and is capable of driving a pair of LEDs and alternately blinking them. More information on the LED Blinky is available from it's own support page.

LED SpotLight

LED Spotlight. Shown fully assembled. The LED SpotLight system which holds a total of 24 LEDs in a circular pattern on a 2 3/8" PC board is available as a bare PC board which you can assemble using your own LEDs or you can purchase ultra bright LEDs in almost any colour from our online store.

LED SpotLight units preassembled and tested are available in limited quantities with ultra bright LEDs in White, Blue and Red.

Our LED Lighting product selection continues to grow. We have a number of new models of ultra bright LEDs and also new extra-large lighting solutions for your aquarium.

eBay Auctions Items on eBayLooking for some of our items for a slightly reduced rate? We have a very active sales presence on eBay. Be sure to check out our auctions weekly for some great deals on products which may not be listed on the web site here. 6